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Latest Blog Posts

  • 23 Jul

    How To Buy The Best Hearing Aid

    What is the best hearing aid? That’s a question professionals in the hearing industry hear fairly often. The best answer is that it depends on you! Your hearing is as unique as you are. There are thousands of combinations of more
    17 Feb

    Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Now Available

    Good, working batteries are essential to properly functioning hearing aids. Southwestern Hearing has recently started carrying a new product that takes some of the hassle out of buying hearing aid batteries.  The new VFusion more
  • 18 Apr

    What A Hearing Instrument Specialist Can Do For You

    A hearing aid specialist can put your hearing loss in a different perspective. By breaking down what types of hearing loss you or a loved on might have, you can have a better understanding about your hearing loss and what you can more
  • 20 Jul

    Invisible Hearing Aids Are As Good As Advertised

    Invisible hearing aids do everything other hearing aids do, maybe more. When you find yourself asking others to repeat, have a hard time hearing the TV, or just plain can’t interact in conversations anymore, you might be ready more
    20 Feb

    How a Hearing Aid Works

    Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices designed to amplify sounds, so people with hearing loss can hear and communicate. After many years of technical advancements hearings aids now come in a variety of shapes and sizes with an more
  • 23 Oct

    9 Easy Ways To Protect Your Ears From Hearing Loss

    You wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. You wear a helmet to protect your head. How often do you wear something to protect your ears? If you’re like most people, the thought of wearing ear protection doesn’t cross your mind more
  • 25 Nov

    How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

    ­How much do your hearing aids cost? We hear that questions countless times a day from prospective patients considering our company. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Hearing aid prices vary greatly and are dependent on more
    23 Dec

    Comparing Hearing Aid Features

    In today’s world it can be hard to keep up with rapidly advancing technology. As soon as you think you’ve got the latest gadget a better one comes out two weeks later. The same can be said for hearing aid technology. more

What Patient's Say

  • "They changed my life. I now can carry on a conversation with my family and friends, and I can hear the environment around me. Individuals who deny getting help are missing our on a big portion of their life, because you don't realize it improves every aspect of your life."

    Danny Curtis
    St. Charles, MO

  • "By wearing a hearing aid, I feel safer moving around in society, not just from a communication standpoint. I can hear sirens in traffic, I know when to pull over and when to get out of the way! I feel safer being able to's like eyesight, it's a very critical sense you depend on."

    Michael Torrence
    St. Charles, MO

  • "It's just been wonderful, just wonderful having a hearing aid. It's really a win win. It's a win for yourself because you know what they're saying, and it's a win for your family and friends because they don't have to struggle and keep repeating things to you, so everybody's happy."

    Paulette Kapes

  • "When I got my hearing aid, I walked out the door and was on cloud nine because I could hear again. I walked out the door and I realized there where birds singing, and I had forgotten that birds sounded so beautiful. I hadn't heard it in so long....I wanted to walk back in and thank everybody, but I couldn't because I was crying so hard. I could not do it, I was on top of the world, they were and are fantastic!"

    Peggy Lukezic
    St. Peters, MO

  • "I was really impressed with how it fits in my fits nicely. Like putting my glasses on, I don't even know its there, but I know it's there, because I can hear!"

    Serafina Mesnier
    Hampton, MO