When someone close to you decides to make the life changing decision to buy hearing aids, it is an exciting time for everyone in their lives. It is important to remember adapting to hearing aids requires time and patience. Lucky for them, there is no one better to help them along that journey than you!

To start, remember that admitting they have hearing loss is a major step. Be kind and supportive during this big moment.

To better understand what someone with hearing loss is experiencing, take the time to learn a little about hearing loss. Various websites offer hearing loss simulators that let you hear exactly what your loved one has been going through. Check it out, you may be surprised what your loved one has been living with.

Over the years you may have gotten used to shouting so the person in your life with hearing loss could understand you. Remember to use to a normal volume, so they don’t become annoyed with you.

Learning to hear again.

Hearing aids allow users to hear subtle sounds they haven’t heard in some time. For example, the ticking of the clock and the rustling of clothes. It is wonderful to be able to hear these noises again. However, they can seem very loud at first because the brain has to relearn how to interpret them. The best thing you can do to help in this process is be positive and understanding. Encourage them to keep using their new hearing aid. As they get used to the sounds things will sound more normal to them.

For the first few days, resist taking them to noisy places like a cocktail party or a crowded restaurant. For a new hearing aid wearer the sounds in places like that can be overwhelming until they have trained their ears to distinguish between sounds. In time they will be able to enjoy outings again, but take baby steps at first.

Finally, ask them what you can do to make the transition easier. Don’t pester them with questions about what they can now hear. In short, just be there for them during this time of change.

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