Fifty Percent of us will have someone with hearing loss at our holiday gatherings. 
Thirty percent of holiday gatherings will include someone with hearing aids. 

The holiday season is right around the corner! For many, the holidays are a time for family gatherings and celebrations. However, a large social gathering can be one of the most difficult environments for someone with hearing loss. Not being able to hear or engage in conversations can feel very isolating.

There are some simple steps that everyone can take in order to make sure that the upcoming festivities can be enjoyed by all. Please check out the helpful tips below.


For Friends and Family of someone with a Hearing Loss:

  1. Eliminate or reduce background noises, such as TV or music, in gathering spaces.
  2. Minimize or reduce any obstacles , such as dim lights or large decorations that could interfere with a person’s ability to read lips.
  3. Seat your friend or family member next to someone who will help them navigate conversations.
  4. If asked to repeat yourself, consider rephrasing what you just said. Oftentimes, those with hearing loss have difficulty hearing a particular word or deciphering a sound of speech.
  5. Stay close when speaking to someone with a hearing loss. It’s a good idea to get their attention before speaking.


Tips for those with Hearing Loss:

  1. Choose a place at the table that is best for you. If seating has been pre-determined, ask the host for adjustments to the seating chart.
  2. Sit besides someone who is your advocate; someone who is willing to repeat things for you if necessary.
  3. If there is too much background noise where you can’t concentrate, move the conversation to a quieter room.
  4. If the TV or music is too loud, ask the host to please turn it down. Be polite, but assertive. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.
  5. If you have hearing aids, wear them! You can always make adjustments to the volume.


Most importantly, we hope every enjoys the upcoming holiday season! Be surrounded by those you care for the most! Sending you all our best holiday wishes! 

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