Are you still hunting for an extra special gift for your loved one with hearing loss? We’ve got some fun and practical holiday gift ideas for the hard of hearing person on your holiday shopping list.

Holiday gift ideas for the hard of hearing child:

Show them they aren’t the only ones in the world with hearing loss by buying hearing aids for their American Girl doll or Build-A-Bear. Or find a great book that features characters they can relate too. Recently stickers and ‘jewelry’ designed specifically for hearing aids have become popular among children and some adults.

For the tech savvy:

If they frequently miss calls because they don’t hear their cell phone ring you could invest in a smart watch or one of these new “smart” rings that would flash and alert them to a call or text without having their phone in front of them.

Similarly if they have trouble hearing the doorbell, this Wi-Fi digital doorbell would be helpful, so they can see who is at there door instead of relying on their ears.

For the practical:

Hearing aid batteries aren’t terribly expensive, but they are incredibly important. Running out of fresh batteries is a hearing aid wearer’s worst nightmare. You will have to do a little research before you head to the store. Batteries come in 4 universal sizes. They are color coded to make it easier to remember: size 10 yellow, 13 orange, 312 brown and 675 blue. A few packs make a great stocking stuffer.

Hearing aid dryers and storage cases are also a useful gift. A dryer is used at night to air out any moisture that built up during the day. Protective cases for overnight storage, clips to keep them attached and sweatbands might also be helpful depending on the person’s lifestyle.

For the safety conscious:

Items that will help keep your loved one with hearing loss safe make thoughtful gifts too. A fashionable watch that vibrates for alarms instead of beeping, similar items can be purchased for the bedroom so they never miss another alarm. Installing a smoke detector with flashing lights or a phone that digitally displays what the caller is saying can show that you care about your loved one with hearing loss and want to keep them safe.

Whatever you decide to gift this year, we wish you a safe and happy holidays from our family to yours.