NOW iQ Hearing Aids

Say hello to the smartest hearing solution

We believe that the better you hear, the better your quality of life. NOW iQ is our most advanced hearing technology allowing you to hear in the most challenging environments. It delivers supreme sound quality that allows you to be immersed in the world around you like never before. It’s designed to meet your unique hearing needs, and keep you connected to the people and things you love. And now it’s available with the convenience of the industry’s smartest rechargeable solution.

NOW iQ hearing aids are made so people with hearing loss won’t have to miss a single sound that brings them joy. They are made knowing people who hear better, live better. You want to hear comfortably in challenging environments, and NOW iQ delivers. Acuity Immersion Directionality is designed to restore the natural front-to-back cues for a more natural, safer listening experience. This is provided by the ear and supposed to improve speech audibility so you can listen to any hearing situation.  

With more and more wireless products on the market, making connections between devices can be challenging. To navigate listening environments with high wireless traffic, our 900sync technology provides a powerful solution. Its high bit-rate streaming allows for ear-to-ear phone streaming and wireless capabilities for single sided hearing loss. Our NOW iQ wireless hearing aids wouldn’t be complete without our popular SurfLink accessories.

Say hello to your Unique Style

Pick your favorite color among our new styles, which include our smallest devices and custom-fit options – With tinnitus and wireless CROS and BiCROS solutions.  

Available Colors


Black, Slate, Sterling, Bright White with Sterling, Espresso, Bronze and Champagne

Low Price Guarantee

We believe cost should be the least of your worries, that’s why we offer our low-price guarantee on all of our hearing aids.

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the instrument and to make sure its the correct hearing aid for your hearing loss.

Most Insurance Accepted 

We offer a wide variety of styles, including digital hearing aids, invisible hearing aids, small hearing aids and in the ear hearing aids.

Say hello to Personalized Hearing

Our latest NOW iQ hearing aids and our easy-to-use SurfLink accessories deliver the most personalized hearing experience ever and are designed to:

Provide natural hearing and effortless transitions as you go about your day

– Deliver pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity

– Gives you an easy way to recharge your hearing aids anytime, anywhere

– Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things 

– Help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably

– Stream TV, phone calls, music and more to your hearing aids

Say hello to a Solution for every type of Hearing Loss


If you have single-sided hearing loss, NOW iQ has a solution for your hearing needs.

Our wireless CROS and BiCROSS hearing aids bring audibility and speech understanding to those who struggle with single-sided hearing loss. 900sync technology allows streaming to the good ear to provide quality, clarity and consistency of sound.

Because finding the best hearing aid is important.

Buying a hearing aid is a big decision — and we want to make it as easy as possible by giving you the time you need to try the hearing aid in your everyday life. For 30-days, you can wear any hearing instrument wherever your day takes you, without risk. At the end of your trial, if you are not happy with your decision, return it and receive 100% of your money back.

Free First Visit and Exam

Have you scheduled your hearing exam yet? It’s on us, so you have nothing to lose — and everything to gain back. Call (855) 243-5541 now and set up your appointment. We have 43 convenient Midwest locations, you can count on us no matter what your ZIP code is.