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“When you’re working with Southwestern Hearing Centers, you’ll experience the feeling of a locally owned company. They work hard to determine which technology and what style is going to work best for your individual needs and lifestyle. I had already tried several other hearing instruments before going to Southwestern Hearing Centers, and they didn’t compare to the quality at Southwestern.”

Whitey Herzog

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer

“Thank you Southwestern Hearing Center, for sending Rachel Burlison to the Festus MO office. She did a great job. I just love Stacy the receptionist, she is such a caring person. Thank you again for both of them!”

Carol Rager

Festus, MO

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how amazing Shawn is. I have sometimes been his last appointment of the day where he has walked me out to lock up the office. I have seen people come in with emergencies or in need of products at the last minute. Though he may be on his way out the door, he will set his belongings down and stay to help his clients. To be honest I have personally had quite a few complications with my device over the past few months. I feel like I am badgering the poor man I am in his office so often. No matter a number of appointments, he always keeps a positive attitude, makes sure things get done and his customers are taken care of. He bends over backwards to make sure his client’s needs are met. He deserves the highest regard for his impeccable customer service.”

Julie Mann

Fairview Heights, IL

“I absolutely love my hearing aids. I can hear things I haven’t heard in… probably ever! They are very easy to put in and take out and nobody even knows I’ve got them in. My friends and family think they’re wonderful too.”


St. Charles, MO

“I want everyone to know that I am extremely happy with my hearing aids from Southwestern. I’m happy with the service too. I’ve had other hearing aids and they’d never compare to my Southwestern hearing aids.”


Ladue, MO

“I love my new hearing aids because I can hear so well. They go in, in the morning and they don’t come out until night. I live with them and I really do enjoy them. I am very grateful that I have them. If you’re thinking about hearing aids, just go get them, don’t wait!”


Manchester, MO

“If you have a friend that has procrastinated about having a hearing test, take them to Southwestern. My friend brought me in, and my family has been happier ever since. The people there love helping others, the smiles on their faces showed me that! Thanks a million.”


Alton, IL

“I am so thrilled with my new hearing aids. They are absolutely wonderful; I never realized how much of my life I was missing. I’m now able to hear and participate in conversations, and at last, I can hear my TV without turning up the volume to the max, which is a big thing for me. My hearing aids also made for a more harmonious family life because I hear what they say without them having to repeat 7 or 8 times, and I am just so grateful, I can’t say enough about how happy I am.”


Ellisville, MO

“My experience with Southwestern Hearing has been wonderful, the care and attention and careful explanation that have been provided by the hearing specialist have been really great. I am very, very satisfied.”


Ladue, MO

“I first came to Southwestern with my father-in-law to have his hearing aid repaired and found out that I couldn’t hear what they were saying, so I took a test. The specialist was superb, I found out that I needed hearing aids and they’ve been just totally awesome. You don’t know what you’re missing when you can’t hear everything clearly. My hearing aid is just perfect; I can even sit in the other room and listen to the TV if I wanted too. Southwestern is just a fantastic place. I was treated like royalty.”


Wentzville, MO

“I was really impressed with how [my hearing aid] fits in my ear…it fits nicely. Like putting my glasses on, I [barely] even know it’s there…but I know it’s there because I can hear!”

Serafina Mesnier

Hampton, MO

“By wearing a hearing aid, I feel safer moving around in society… I can hear sirens in traffic, so I know when to pull over and when to get out of the way! I feel safer being able to hear… It’s like eyesight, it’s a very critical sense you depend on.”

Michael Torrence

St. Charles, MO

“I now know why it is so important to have your hearing checked regularly. I was in denial for many years about my hearing loss. Now that I have my [invisible] hearing instrument, I hear what I missed all those years. The best thing that you have given back to me is the sound of my great granddaughter’s voice! I was missing out on more than I realized.”


Creve Coeur, MO

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