You asked and we listened! We recently sat down with our Hearing Instrument Specialist to ask your most common hearing aid questions.

Question“How do I ensure that my hearing aids will last as long as possible? I love that I can hear my grandkids. What can I do to make sure they continue to work properly?”

 Answer“We are so glad that you love your hearing aids! You wouldn’t believe how many times we get asked this question. To ensure that your hearing aids continue to work as they should, proper maintenance is key. You should also see your hearing specialist on a regular basis to have your hearing aids cleaned and checked to make sure they are still meeting your needs.”

You can also follow these basic guidelines to make sure that you are maximizing the life of your hearing aids! 

  • Keep your hearing aids away from moisture and out of the excess heat. 
  • Make sure to clean your hearing aids with a soft cloth or special hearing aid brush. This makes sure that there is not harmful residue on your hearing aids. 
  • Make sure to remove any earwax with a brush to keep the vents clear.
  • You should replace worn out earmolds for your receiver-in-canal or behind-the-ear hearing aids. This allows you to maximize your hearing aids ability to transmit the sound.
  • Be careful to not get your hair or skin care products on your hearing aids.
  • Open the battery door when you are not using your hearing aids. This saves the life of your battery and turns off your hearing aid when not in use. 

Our Hearing Specialist will check your hearing aids for any issues and make the proper adjustments for you when you come in for your checkup. We take every step to ensure that your hearing aids work with you to enrich your life! We are here for you every step of the way on your hearing care journey!

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