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Shawn Wilcox

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Shawn recognizes the importance of family and quality time which requires a high level of communication. He wants to provide his patients with the best solutions in order for them to communicate and spend time with their loved ones.

He has been very successful in helping his patients because of a strong aftercare program that enables patients the time to communicate what is happening with their hearing. Shawn feels that when there is strong communication between his patients and himself that they understand the process it always helps them to get their best results. I invite you to come in and talk to me about your hearing so we may help you too.

Education and Training

Shawn Wilcox is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at our Fairview Heights and Highland offices in Illinois. He has been practicing for over 25 years and is licensed to distribute hearing aids in the state of Illinois since 1992. Shawn is active in the community and apart of the Illinois Hearing Aid Society. Shawn has been testing hearing, fitting hearing aids and counseling patients on hearing aid use for over 25 years now.

Shawn believes strongly in providing an aftercare program to create better communication with the patient. This allows for the best possible understanding of their hearing aids, fostering a higher success and patient satisfaction.

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