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Power Plus Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Sleek design meets Powerful Performance.

The Power Plus Behind the Ear hearing aid is one of our most heavy-duty models. Its secure fit around the ear makes it a great choice for children and very active individuals. Tough power plus hearing aids are designed for more wear and tear than smaller hearing aids, making for less frequent repair and replacement.

Designed for moderate to severe hearing loss, power plus hearing aids can offer greater amplification. A Power Plus Hearing Aids size allows for larger batteries and longer battery life. Just like other sizes of Behind The Ear styles Power Plus Hearing aids include easy touch buttons and wireless connectivity. One-touch changes settings in both ears.

To learn more about Power plus behind the ear hearing aids or set up your free hearing test Call (855) 243-5541 now!

Power Plus Hearing Aids
  • Comfortable open fit
  • Sleek design
  • For moderate┬áto severe hearing loss
  • Variety of color options available
  • Tinnitus Solutions available
  • Cros and BiCros technology available