SurfLink Accessories

A family of products made for sound. 

Our innovative line of SurfLink accessories – combined with our wireless hearing aids – let you live life the way you want, no wires attached.  SurfLink accessories offer you carefree connectivity.  Live life without limitations. Make it easier to enjoy TV, music, cell phone conversations and more with the help of our SurfLink accessories.



Available Accessories

Mini Mobile

Our new, small and simple cell phone streaming solution. You are now able to connect any Bluetooth-ready mobile device to your wireless hearing aids to stream phone calls. The new SurfLink Mini Mobile adapter is compatible with our popular SurfLink Remote Microphone 2.

Mobile 2

SurfLink Mobile 2 enables hands-free cell phone conversations by turning wireless hearing aids into the phone microphone and receiver.

Directional microphones enhances your conversation in noisy environments.

Wirelessly streams sounds from TVs or MP3 players using Bluetooth or an audio connector cable.

Can also be used as a powerful assistive listening device.


This handy remote lets you adjust and control your wireless hearing aids with the push of a button.

Media 2

This set-and-forget media streaming solution connects to TVs, MP3 players and more, to wirelessly stream audio directly to your hearing aids. You can hear the volume at the level you want, while everyone else in the room can listen at the volume they want. 

Remote Microphone 2

A discreet, lightweight microphone worn by a conversation partner to aid patients in one-on-one conversations in difficult listening environments.