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Your ears need special care in order to allow you to hear your best! You should have your ears checked regularly by a hearing care specialist or audiologist. Hearing loss is typically gradual and age-related. However, the only preventable kind of hearing loss is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss or NIHL. Although you may adjust to the loud sounds over time, unfortunately, your ears and brain will not. By the time you notice your hearing loss, it is often already too late to prevent damage to your ears. Let’s start protecting your hearing now!

Hearing Protection Tips

  1. Use hearing protection around loud sounds. Foam earplugs are a great and cheap alternative to purchasing custom earplugs to best reduce the sound levels.
  2. Turn the volume down on the TV, radio, music, etc.
  3. Avoid loud or noisy activities or place when possible.
  4. Limit your time exposed to loud sounds.
  5.  When listening to loud sounds such as music, concerts, fitness classes, take breaks from the noise to allow your ears to reset.
  6. Move away from the loudest sound source such as speakers, fireworks, etc.
  7. Give your ears time to recover after being exposed to loud noises.
  8. Do not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. This includes cotton swabs, bobby pins, keys, paperclips or anything else you might use to clean or scratch your ears.
  9. Keep moving! Exercise keeps the blood pumping through the body, including the ears. This keeps the internal parts of the ears healthy.
  10.  Get your hearing rested, especially if you experience a change in your hearing or ringing or fullness in your ears over 24 hours

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