When it comes to maintaining your hearing health there are hundreds of recommendations intended to prevent or delay hearing loss. One such suggestion can easily be incorporated into something you’re likely already doing in your everyday life… eating a balanced diet with foods that help with hearing. Many scientific studies have found that including foods with the following 5 ingredients can prevent or delay your hearing loss.


Researchers have found that folate, also known as folic acid in its synthetic form can reduce the chance of experiencing age-related hearing loss. Folate is found in foods like liver, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, chickpeas and lentils. You can also find it in fortified grain products like breakfast cereal. An even easier route to obtaining enough folate is taking a vitamin B9 supplement or a vitamin B complex.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Research study participants who ate two servings of food with Omega 3’s were 42 percent less likely to face age-related hearing loss. Researchers believe the omega 3’s maintain the blood flow to your ear. Fish are rich in Omega 3’s.


A study of 300 participants found that those who drank a magnesium rich drink daily were able to maintain better hearing even though they worked in noisy environments. Magnesium rich foods include bananas, peanut butter, potatoes, artichokes, almonds, black beans and brown rice.


Low potassium levels have also been linked to poor hearing. To increase your potassium intake eat foods like apricots, bananas, lima beans, milk and raisins.

Vitamins C and E

Both of these vitamins have an antioxidant power that prevents damage to healthy cells linked with hearing. You can incorporate both C and E into your diet by eating citrus fruits, almonds, sunflower oil or peanut butter. This may not be enough of each so a vitamin supplement is helpful.

Next time you head to the grocery store we hope you’ll consider adding these foods that help with hearing to your cart. Every little bit helps in trying to keep your ears healthy for years to come.