Digital Hearing Aids and More

Hearing aids come in many styles. Each looks and feels different from the next. The one you choose will depend on your hearing loss, your ears and your lifestyle.

We offer a wide variety of styles, from digital hearing aids and invisible hearing aids to small hearing aids and in the ear hearing aids. There’s something for everyone.

We want to help you find hearing aids that fit your lifestyle, your loss and your budget. Stop by one of our locations and a hearing specialist will walk you through the process. Call (855) 243-5541 and make your free appointment today.

Browse our complete selection below.

Invisible In Canal

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Completely In Canal

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In The Canal

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In The Ear

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Receiver In Canal

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Mini Receiver In Canal

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Mini Behind The Ear

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Behind The Ear

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Power Plus Behind The Ear

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Rechargeable Hearing Aid Options

Several of the hearing aid styles above can use rechargeable hearing aid batteries. If you’d like to save on disposable batteries or if dexterity is an issue and you don’t want to change batteries every few days, talk with your hearing instrument specialist to see which rechargeable hearing aid options might work for you.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If you are having trouble with your hearing aid, bring it to one of our offices. Many times our hearing experts can do repairs in office for FREE. We will repair most makes and models of hearing aids, even if you did not purchase them from us. This includes Starkey, NuEar, Audibel and more. Please call for more information 855-243-5541.

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