Available colors




sizes 312 or 13


  • Easy to adjust
  • Custom-made for you
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your skin tone

Easy to Use and Custom-made For You

Our simplest type of hearing aid is the In The Ear (ITE) hearing aid. The larger design makes ITE hearing aids some of the easiest to insert and operate. They are the largest custom-made device available. In The Ear hearing aids do not rest in your ear canal, but rather in the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. This results in quick insertion and removal of these hearing aids.

In the Ear hearing aids have larger features, making volume control wheels or memory buttons quick to find and operate.  Battery compartments are easy to access and the In the Ear hearing aid uses larger batteries.  All of these features make it particularly helpful if dexterity has become an issue.

Mild to severe hearing loss can be helped with the In the Ear hearing aid. It can be ordered in many color to match your skin tone. If you need an easy to use, powerful, subtle hearing aid the In the Ear model could be a good option for you.