Hearing Loss Effects 36 Million Adults in America
Reasons For Hearing Loss

It can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, or status. The number of reasons for hearing loss are endless. One thing many people who suffer from hearing loss have in common is that they don’t like to admit they have a problem, so they put off getting help for many years. People wait on average about 7 years before accepting that they have a hearing loss. That is 7 years of missing certain sounds, words, and experiences coupled with a reduced quality of life. When they finally do seek help their hearing has deteriorated even further and in some cases too far for appropriate help.

People who cannot hear well often experience anxiety, insecurity, isolation, and depression. This eventually causes them to gradually withdraw from social situations altogether. With any level of hearing loss, a person is missing certain sounds which means that their hearing nerve and the part of the brain that processes sounds are not being stimulated, which can lead to a decrease in the ability to recognize speech. 

The good news is hearing aids can help you! If you want to take care of your hearing, make sure to wear ear protection during potentially loud activities such as concerts or sporting events. Exposure to noise for even 10 minutes can cause permanent hearing loss. Don’t wait, call us today! Hearing instruments can improve 90-95 percent of hearing loss cases. Sadly, only one in five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wear them. We want to change this statistic because everyone deserves to hear.

18% OF ADULTS AGE 45-64

30% OF ADULTS 65-74

47% OF ADULTS 75+

Common Triggers:

  • Natural aging – as you grow older, your inner ear changes. These changes can cause hearing loss.
  • Exposure to loud noises – sounds played at a harmful volume can damage hearing permanently.
  • Medications – certain medications are ototoxic and can permanently hurt your hearing.
  • Infections – chronic ear infections or serious illnesses can both lead to hearing loss.
  • Head or ear trauma – a traumatic injury outside the ear can affect the inside, too.
  • Congenital or hereditary factors – your genes can factor into whether or not you’ll lose your hearing.
  • Disease – conditions like Meniere’s Disease can cause hearing loss.