Hearing loss affects more than just your ears…it affects your health and your life.

​Are you or a loved one suffering from the health effects of hearing loss? Hearing loss makes it easy to withdraw from life. But you don’t have to let this happen. Hearing is an essential sense that keeps you alert, active and engaged with others. When left untreated, simple tasks like hearing conversations at a restaurant or talking on the phone can become difficult and down right tiring. Not only can hearing loss make it harder to communicate but if left untreated, it can also lead to other health problems.

Recent research has linked hearing loss to dementia among other major health issues. This is highly concerning to us as the baby boomer generation reaches age 65 the number of people suffering from dementia is expected to triple. Our goal here at Southwestern Hearing Centers is to educate our patients about hearing loss and how they can prevent or treat their hearing loss. Further research has found that hearing aids can help! Learn more about that connection here.

Hearing loss is no longer affecting just your ears. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to impaired memory, balance issues and dementia. So don’t let your hearing loss get the better of you, give us a call today to set up your no cost hearing test. 

When you get hearing aids, you’re giving your ears back what they’ve been missing. You are giving your brain what it needs to make sense of what you’re hearing.

Anyone over the age of 55 should be having their hearing checked annually.