active lifestyles and wearing hearing aids go hand in hand

Many people assume that they can’t wear their hearing aids while playing sports or exercising simply because it will fall out of their ears. We want you to hear your best and still keep playing sports, going on hikes, and taking the dog out for a walk in the rain. Thanks to the revolutionary technology, our hearing aids track your physical activity as well as your brain health. If you’re thinking of getting back into shape or just going for a walk, our hearing aids are designed to work with your active lifestyle.  Hearing aids are for everyone! You can still be active and healthy, and enjoy superior hearing.

Don’t let these common fears about hearing aids get in the way.

We hear from our patients a lot that they don’t think they should wear their hearing aids while working out or playing golf, riding a bike, playing tennis, and other physical activities. Why? I’ll tell you their reasons and explain how to overcome these negative perceptions.

  • “I don’t wear my hearing aids when I go to the gym because I sweat a lot.”
    Most hearing aids have high Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. This rates the sealing of the device effective against the intrusion of moisture, dust, and dirt. Hearing aids have high IP ratings because they are made for all-day, everyday use. This means wearing them when you’re sweating is OK! The best tip I have for “preventative maintenance” is using a dehumidifier. Place your hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight to remove excess moisture and prolong the components of your hearing device.
  • “I don’t wear my hearing aids when I play golf because I can’t stand the wind noise.”
    Thanks to our revolutionary technology, our hearing aids cut down on the background noise so you only hear the sounds you want to hear. They automatically adjust to your social settings making for a great time. Our hearing specialists are happy to go over your custom environments and create certain settings for your different activities.
  • “I don’t wear my hearing aids when I play basketball or go running because I’m worried they will fall out of my ear.”
    Hearing aids are meant to have a secure fit to your ear and not just slip off/out. When you are fitted for your hearing aids, our specialist ensures that the hearing aids fit comfortably and snug in your ear. If this is a major concern for you, an easy option of wearing a headband should help to keep them in place while you are active.

A feature that’s appreciated by most who have an active lifestyle is the automated control of programs and settings. As the environment changes, the hearing aid will adjust settings such as volume levels or noise cancellation features. You can also manually tap your hearing aid to change the setting based on your environment. When you’re outside in a constantly changing environment, this could quickly become your favorite feature.

Don’t choose between hearing and enjoying your favorite activities and sports. You don’t have to! Be active and healthy with hearing aids that are designed to match your lifestyle. We want you to enjoy the world around you no matter what you are doing. We encourage you to have an active lifestyle! If you still need some help or reassurance we are here for you!