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Size 10


  • Virtually undetectable in most ears
  • No whistling or buzzing
  • Custom designed to fit your ear

Smallest Hearing Aid with The Highest Quality Sound

Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) hearing aids are the first 100% invisible hearing instruments on the market. Each of these Invisible Hearing Aids are custom fit to your ears. They can be placed past the second bend in your ear canal. Making them virtually undetectable. Due to deep placement, Invisible Hearing Aids benefit from the natural acoustics of the ear. Sound travels quickly and accurately to your eardrum. It is designed for daily removal.

And though tiny, invisible hearing aids come loaded with all the leading technology. Invisible hearing instruments come in both wireless and non-wireless option. Wireless connectivity means you can receive a direct wireless connection with your cell phone. Wireless accessories can also be used with premier invisible hearing aids, giving you the ability to stream TV, music and much more.

Invisible Hearing Instruments give you the highest quality sound while being the most discreet. Invisible hearing aids have multi-memories that can be changed using T2 technology. Giving you the control to adapt the sound of your hearing aids to the listening environments around you.

If you have a mild to moderately severe hearing loss invisible hearing aid could be your answer. Hear all the sounds without anyone being aware that you are wearing a hearing device.