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Mini Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids

Smaller size, with all the strength.

Just like the other sizes of Receiver In Canal instruments, the Mini RIC has great flexibility in programming, allowing each aid to be customized for your hearing loss and your lifestyle. In addition, they are water resistant and durable, making them the perfect choice for those prone to heavy sweating or people in climates with higher humidity and precipitation. Mini RIC hearing aids are similiar to behind-the-ear hearing aids with a unique difference; the speaker of the hearing aid is placed inside the ear canal.

The precision microphone technology and advanced noise reduction system amplifies┬ámeaningful sounds – such as speech – while reducing unwanted background noise. Mini RIC hearing aids are feature rich hearing aids that hide behind your ears. They are also equipped with feedback elimination technology, which makes buzzing and whistling a thing of the past. People that suffer from high frequency hearing loss and tend to notice the barrel effect, will find that Mini RIC hearing aids are superior to most other hearing aids and will be a pleasure to wear.

Mini RIC hearing aids prove that good things come in small sizes. They have a long lasting battery, configurable user controls, and are loaded with special features to help make for a wonderful hearing experience.

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Mini RIC Hearing Aids
  • Smallest RIC model
  • Comfortable, open fit
  • Configurable user control
  • Locking battery door
  • Variety of color options
  • For mild to severe hearing loss
  • Available in regular and Absolute Power