Available colors




Size 312, Rechargeable


  • Comfortable open fit
  • Sleek design barely visible when worn
  • Variety of color options available
  • Available in regular and Absolute Power

Designed for High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing aids have a lot of flexibility in programming making them great for first time hearing aid wearers. If you have trouble hearing high-pitched noises, Canal hearing aid receivers may be your answer. These hearing aids are specifically designed to pick up high-frequency sounds.

This style of hearing aid has two parts: a sound processor that sits behind your ear, in the same place your eye glasses rest. A clear narrow tube connects the processor to the receiver that sits in your ear canal. They are small, discreet and easy to fit. Because they do not require custom ear molds, you may be able to walk out with a new set of RIC hearing aids the same day you have your hearing tested. This style of hearing aid helps with the occlusion effect that some people experience with other styles of hearing aid.

Receiver In Canal hearing aids come in a wide range of hearing aid technology levels including the iPhone compatible technology.