Old hearing aids don’t need to sit in the back of your junk drawer or get tossed in the trash; you can put them to good use. Even though you’re not benefiting from them any more, used hearing aids can make a big difference in the life of someone else. Old hearing aids can easily be refurbished or dismantled for parts to give the gift of hearing to someone in need. Your old hearing aids could be the key to helping a hard of hearing adult reconnect with family and friends or allow a child to learn better because they can hear what is happening in the classroom.


Southwestern Hearing Center is a proud supporter of one of those life-changing programs. We pass along any unused or old hearing aids to the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s ‘So the World May Hear’ initiative. The foundation travels the world fitting hearing aids and spreading a message of tolerance and respect for those with hearing loss.

Trade-In, Trade-Up

Each year Starkey Hearing Foundation gives away more than 100,000 hearing aids. They are working towards a goal of giving away one million hearing instruments this decade. To attain their very lofty goal Starkey relies on donations from supporters like Southwestern Hearing. That is why we offer patients wishing to trade-in their old hearing aids up to $2,000 towards the purchase of newer models. Together we can get you hearing better and pay the gift of hearing forward to those in need.

Hearing loss affects 360 million people around the world. Many people do not have access to the instruments that can so easily improve their lives. Starkey has worked to help those people in 100 different countries and the United States. They also have plans in place to continuing developing sustainable systems of hearing care around the world.

**Regardless of age donations of all makes and models are welcome. The amount of credit offered is dependent on the condition of the hearing instruments.