Here in the Midwest the summer months increase our exposure to heat, moisture and debris, which happen to be some of the main hazards for hearing aids. You shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying the sweet sounds of summer. It only takes regular hearing aid care and maintenance to keep them in working order while enjoying the summertime.

Hearing Aid Hazards

Heat and humidity increase the amount of moisture in the ear canal. This creates the potential for damage to your hearing aid and can cause you discomfort. Keep a small cloth with you to wipe your hearing aid when you know you’ll be out in the heat. Talk to your Southwestern Hearing Specialist about purchasing a dehumidifier box or hearing aid dryer. These serve two purposes: they are a safe place to store your hearing aids when you aren’t wearing them and they help dry up regular moisture. Never attempt to dry your hearing aid with a microwave or a hot hair dryer. Another easy hearing aid care tip is to leave the battery compartment open when you aren’t wearing them to allow air to circulate and dry out the hearing aids each night.

If you find yourself by the pool, on a boat or near another body of water this summer remember to bring a zippered plastic bag with a soft cloth. Use it to safely store your hearing aids when you take them out to go for a swim. Be cautious when applying sunscreen near the ears. A tiny bit of sunscreen on your hearing aid could clog it up.

Routine Maintenance

Whether you’re out mowing the lawn or just enjoying time outdoors potential for dust and debris getting into your hearing aid is also increased.  Combat that risk by following your regular hearing aid care routine more often in the summer. Before you put your hearing aids in each day, make sure the microphone and speaker piece are not obstructed.  If you did not learn to clean your aid visit a Southwestern location near you and a hearing specialist can show you.

We know hearing aids are a big investment. It would be nice to be able to care for them without the constant worry of a costly repair. We recommend our patients stop by every few months to have their Hearing Specialist give their device a deep cleaning. This allows the specialist to make sure your hearing aid is in perfect working condition.