Hearing Aid Repair in St Louis

Many people make the mistake of believing they only need to get their hearing aids repaired if they have a situation where they instantly broke, or suddenly stopped working. This is not the case. 

Hearing aids need repair with regular wear over time. Some people choose to replace their broken hearing aids when this happens but it is best to find a hearing healthcare professional first. Troubleshooting your hearing aid could be a very easy fix for a hearing care professional

It’s also a good idea to get your hearing aids checked out just to make sure they are still providing you with the level of assistance that you need. You want to live life with the highest level of hearing you can.

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Get your Hearing Aids Repaired by the Best

Southwestern Hearing Centers provides St. Louis with hearing aid repair. We provide comprehensive services for a whole range of hearing aid issues. We prioritize our patients’ quality of life and get to know the details of their hearing experience.   

There are a lot of factors that will determine how much a hearing aid device repair will cost and whether you need a replacement or a repair. Is your hearing aid under warranty? How extensive is the damage? The specific problematic part may be cheaper to perform hearing aid fixes than to replace it. 

When Should I Replace My Hearing Aid?

If you have had your hearing aid for more than five years, then a replacement is probably best. Hearing aids usually last five to seven years. Repair services may also suggest a replacement if the hearing aids have extensive damage. For example, if they have been stepped on, they may be beyond the point of repair.  

Another case for replacement is if your hearing aid has already been repaired multiple times in the past. A hearing aid with recurring technical issues might not be worth repairing over and over again.

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Preventative Measures to Keep Your Trusty Hearing Aids

It’s important to take care of your hearing aids so that you can get the most time out of them. Your hearing expert should have shown you how to check your aids to make sure they are still working as they should. Minor hearing aid issues can become big issues when they go unchecked. 

These are some other checks that you should do to keep your hearing aids in optimal condition.

Listen to Them

Listen to your hearing aids with listening tubing. You want them to sound clear without any scratching or clicking sounds.

Check the Batteries

Hearing aid batteries last about one to two weeks unless you have a rechargeable hearing aid. You can use a battery tester to make sure your hearing aids have good batteries. It’s a good idea to always have a spare set of batteries for your hearing aids when the batteries give out before you planned.

Minimize Moisture 

You may have a hearing aid humidifier to help with the prevention of moisture building up. Keeping the moisture in your hearing aids low is critical for their long-term functioning. Just remember to remove the batteries before you put the hearing aids into the humidifier or other drying container.

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Avoid Hearing Aid Whistles

These whistles are the feedback hearing devices emit in response to an amplified sound from the earmold that reenters the microphone. Hearing aid whistles can be a sign that the earmold is too small, or that there is too much ear wax in the ear canal. 

You don’t want to turn the volume down on your device when this happens. This will give you less hearing ability. Talk to an hearing expert if this is happening frequently. 

You will get the most out of your hearing aids if you are regularly seeing your hearing expert. It is important to have these checks so that you can get any adjustments that you need. An hearing instrument specialists will catch any small issue before it becomes a bigger interruption in your life. 

Reach out to us at Southwestern Hearing Centers so that we can answer all of your questions regarding hearing aid repair and hearing health. We know how important it is to get the most out of your hearing aids so that you can get the most out of life.

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