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The Dangers Of Untreated Hearing Loss

Untreated hearing loss can affect your quality of life in more ways than one.

Hearing loss issues can affect your relationships, work performance and more. It is important to get tested for hearing loss as soon you notice any symptoms or signs of it so that we may help find the best solution possible, such as digital hearing aids or custom hearing protection.

Causes Of Hearing Loss

There are many different causes of hearing loss. Of the many reasons, the most common is due to age due to the fact the older you are the more use your ears have and the potential for damaging sounds. No matter what age you start to lose your ability to hear sounds, it’s important to know the causes of hearing loss so you can deal with the issue accordingly.

Hearing loss can be caused by many factors, and sometimes it is even possible to reverse the effects of aging or disease on the inner ear drum itself. If you suffer from permanent hearing loss caused by high blood pressure, then there is actually hope for you. High blood pressure is something that many people struggle with, because it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the middle ear. When this part of the ear is damaged, it can cause the cochlea to shrink, which is necessary in order to transmit sound waves to the brain.

If your hearing issue is caused by something else, then you may not be able to reverse the condition, which is why it’s very important to know the exact cause. In terms of hearing loss and recovery, hearing loss caused by physical damage in most cases results in permanent hearing loss as opposed to viral. This is why it is important to consult your doctor so you can determine the root cause of the problem. Sometimes it may take a combination of different treatments to effectively treat a problem.

Hearing Test Process

Have you discovered signs of hearing loss in yourself or a loved one? If so, we recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our skilled audiologists to determine the levels of hearing loss with a free test.

During your test, the audiologist will carry out an extensive examination to identify your current hearing capabilities or degree of hearing loss, as well as current hearing threshold and baseline hearing level.

The hearing evaluation is performed in a noise-controlled sound booth, and is entirely non-invasive and pain-free. You will be seated in the sound-treated test booth and will be asked to place on earphones. During the testing procedure, your audiologist will play a series of tones at different pitches and volume and you will be asked to indicate each time you hear the tone.

Hearing Tests For Children

Southwestern Hearing Centers also offers hearing tests for children, not just for seniors.

Tests for children are a great way to identify any issues that may be present. Hearing loss is more common in young people than it was previously thought, and can lead them into difficulties with speech comprehension or even social isolation.

Children will sit on your lap during this test while wearing earphones to identify how well he/she hears at different pitches and volumes. The audiologist will be able to determine the degree of hearing loss, if any, and if a hearing aid will be needed.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Get your hearing aids checked to make sure they are working properly. Each of our locations offers hearing aid evaluation services and hearing aid repairs.

The hearing aid evaluation process is a simple procedure that can be done in about an hour. A licensed audiologist will test your ears to make sure the device fits properly and meets all of our standards for quality, then they’ll give you tips on the best way to use it.

It’s important never to wait too long before getting this checkup because if there are any issues with the hearing aids or their fit it you’ll want to identify and correct the issues as soon as possible! We offer free consultations where you are welcome to ask questions like “What type do I need?” Or even “What’s covered by insurance?” It may seem overwhelming but don’t worry — we’re here help!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing And Hearing Aids

Can A Hearing Aid Help With Tinnitus?

Yes! There are a couple different ways hearing aids help with tinnitus. The noises produced by hearing aids can help cover up (mute)the sound of tinnitus. Not getting ringing in the ears can help the brain concentrate on outside sounds. Hearing aids can have a good masking effect on patients with the same tinnitus frequency.

Hearing aids also help increase the sound of background noise. Increasing the amount of noise that you are subjected to does the same thing. Stimulating the brain’s auditory pathways can reveal benefits, even if soft sounds are not being heard.

How Much Does An Audiology Exam In St. Louis Cost?

Contact us to see how much an audiology exam in St. Louis costs.

How Much Do Hearing Aids In St. Louis Cost?

The easiest answer is the shortest answer. Hearing aids in St. Louis cost anywhere from $500 – $6,000. The reason you are given a range and not a static price like you would find for a pair of hearing aids you can buy online or over the counter is because not all hearing losses are the same.

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