In the United States 2 million older adults are homebound. Another 40 million rely on a caregiver for transportation, meals and in-home care. Now, Southwestern Hearing Centers is providing in-home hearing tests and service to those people who can’t leave the house easily. Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist Stan Greenberg began traveling the St. Louis metro seeing patients in the comfort of their own homes in March.

A Growing Need

In our 70 years in business, Southwestern Hearing has worked to build hearing clinics that are conveniently located near our patients’ homes. In recent years, we have seen the need for in-home hearing tests and service grow. Especially for those people who are homebound or rely on caregivers to get them to and from their appointments.

A simple hearing aid cleaning or adjustment can take less than 15 minutes in an office. Southwestern Hearing Center’s in-home service promises to take the stress and hassle out of traveling to a clinic for such a quick procedure.

“It’s important to be able to reach those who have chosen to age in place because your hearing plays such a big role in independence and safety,” Vice President Brian Marino explained. “We hope to make it easier for everyone to get the care that they need.” Patients can expect the same quality service they receive in an office. Appointment and location availability of in-home hearing tests and service will vary, call for more details.