The world’s first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.

Circa AI is a revolutionary, multi-purpose device that provides superior sound quality.


Circa AI hearing aids introduce Hearing Reality – the most sophisticated and intelligent technology that better replicates natural hearing to provide unprecedented sound quality. Circa AI also features innovative technologies that empower us to provide our patients with benefits that go beyond traditional amplification.

Starkey Hearing Technologies, the creators of this technology has done for hearing aids what Apple® has done for phones. Before Apple, your phone was only for making phone calls. Now your phone is your fitness tracker, your camera, GPS, and your device to access the internet. Thanks to built-in sensors, it has truly become a “must have” device with so many functions. With Circa AI, hearing aids are not just hearing devices to help you hear better, its designed to help you live better. Yes, it has the best sound quality and performance ever created, which is incredible on its own. But, it’s also the world’s first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. It can respond to your tap gestures, track your brain and body health. It is the first device of its kind to help track physical activity and cognitive health as measured by the hearing aid use in social situations. This allows patients to take a proactive and personalized approach to their health through their hearing aids.

The ear is a sweet spot for reliable tracking of health data, so the possibilities are endless. On top of it all, Circa AI also has in-ear language translation and automatic fall detection capabilities. It starts a new era for the hearing industry. Circa AI is not just a hearing aid, it’s a HealthableTM device.

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