I’ve been a Southwestern Hearing customer since the early 1980s. Al and his son Mike were the kindest, most professional business owners I’ve ever been served by. Mike would occasionally hand me the latest hearing aid and say “Here try this out for a couple of weeks and tell me what you think.” That was down at their Hampton Village location. When they opened up the Bluestone location in St. Charles I switched to that location since it is a lot closer to where I live. Cindy has the same commitment to customer satisfaction and is equally kind as I remember Al and Mike being to me. In fact, many times she has squeezed me into her full schedule to accommodate my occasional emergencies. I always enjoy how graceful and quick Cindy gets my aid back in top working order. I get junk e-mails from several hearing aid companies trying to get my business. Southwestern is the “State of the Art” why would I even consider anyone less? Their receptionist Amanda is excellent as well!