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Cindy Marino-Barnett

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Cindy Marino Barnett is a third-generation hearing specialist that has spent her entire life in the hearing industry. Her grandfather, Albert Marino, started a local hearing company in 1947. In 1973 Michael Marino, Cindy’s father, acquired the company which is now Southwestern Hearing Centers. Cindy began as a receptionist at a young age and has worked her way through the company ranks. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Southwestern Hearing Centers and Hearing Instrument Specialist at our St. Charles office.

Cindy has the great opportunity to teach and educate our staff and is in charge of training all of Southwestern Hearing Centers’ hearing instrument specialists. “I am very fortunate, I get to work with patients on a regular basis and get to work directly with all our hearing specialists…Working with the specialist I get to influence how they can improve and give each of our patients the best hearing for their hearing loss and lifestyle.”

Education and Training

In 1999 Cindy earned her Missouri Hearing Instrument Specialist license. She currently holds a license in both Missouri and Kansas. Cindy is dedicated to staying atop the newest and highest levels of hearing technology. She maintains and sharpens her skills with her continuous education. Her dedication and determination to improve hearing is unmatched and makes her an asset to the Southwestern team and the hearing industry.

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