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Julie Kennedy

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Julie Kennedy has adopted the concept of hard work toward the betterment of all. From an early age, she was taught the values of hard work, dedication to family and community, the importance of continual self-improvement, and success in order to help others. Julie found her calling to serve her community in a more effective way by joining the Southwestern Hearing Centers family. She is the Hearing Instrument Specialist at the North County location. She has risen through the ranks of and become one of Southwestern’s top specialists. Julie strives to reach out and help others always with “care of the patient first and always attitude.

Education and Training

She completed her education and the training necessary to earn her Hearing Instrument Specialist License in 2006. In 2009 she joined the Southwestern Hearing Centers family because they offered a far greater opportunity to better serve the community. Julie has built her practice and risen through the ranks to become one of Southwestern’s top specialist and a leader in her community.

Julie emphasizes complete care for her patients above all else. Her inherent caring and empathetic nature drive her toward maintaining close, professional, and long-term relationships with her patients. She achieves this by understanding their dynamics and is ever vigilant of the interplay between hearing health and other medical, family, and social issues. Julie has surrounded herself with other professionals in order to maintain a high level of care for her patients.

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