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Stan Greenberg

Hearing Instrument Specialist
This person works at multiple locations.

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Stan travels to senior living communities and home-bound patients in St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Many of the patients he helps can’t get to an office so Stan goes to them. These people’s lives are now richer because they can take part in conversations, without being embarrassed because now they can hear what is being said.

In 2011 Stan found his second career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. He says he has found true joy in helping people hear better. ”Nothing has given me the personal satisfaction that I now experience, watching a patient’s eyes light up when they talk about hearing birds singing for the first time in years. I’ve seen adult children with tears in their eyes when their mom or dad can hear them speak without having to raise their voice.”

Stan has been a licensed hearing aid specialist in the State of Missouri since 2013. “It is a true joy to be able to help people to hear better,” explains Stan.

Education and Training

Stan Greenberg graduated from University of Missouri/Columbia with a BA in Journalism. Prior to being a Hearing Specialist Stan worked in radio, television and newspapers sales for 43 years in Laredo, Texas; Fort Smith, Arkansas, before moving to St. Louis in 1972.

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