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Do you hear ringing, buzzing or whistling sounds, with no external source? You’re not alone. The condition is called tinnitus and it affects 50 million people in the United States.

The noise can be intermittent or continuous, and can vary in loudness. Tinnitus is caused by bent or broken auditory hairs sending random electrical impulses to the brain, which the brain interprets as sound.

90% of people with tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss and most get relief from their buzzing and head noises with the use of hearing aids.

Few Ailments are as Subjective as Tinnitus…

From what it sounds like to when it’s most annoying to how debilitating it can be, tinnitus affects every person differently. Our NuEar SDS Tinnitus technology tackles the subjective nature of tinnitus head-on – all in a nearly invisible Receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aid.

The Multiflex Tinnitus Technology in the hearing aid creates a patient-preferred sound stimulus designed to deliver the one thing every sufferer wants – relief. It makes tinnitus manageable for patients who have been frustrated by their inability to find consistent personalized relief.

Because tinnitus is different for every patient, the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology was designed with personalization and flexibility in mind. Giving patients the unprecedented ability to uniquely generate a sound stimulus that provides the greatest relief:

  • First the “best-fit” tinnitus algorithm intelligently sets the tinnitus stimulus according to the patient’s audiogram.
  • Next, 16 bands of frequency adjustments and the novel modulation algorithm make it easy to shape the stimulus to fit your unique tinnitus experience.
  • Finally, SoundPoint Tinnitus allows patients to become active partners in fine-tuning relief to their precise preferences, which helps ensure greater success.

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