Hearing Aids are ever changing to meet our needs.

However, they still have a lifespan of a couple of years. Hearing aids can last anywhere from three to seven years and in some cases, they can last a bit longer. There are many variables that affect this lifespan including how well the hearing aid is built, how it is maintained, and how much wear and tear your hearing aids endure. Other reasons could be

  • Changes in your hearing
  • Changes in your life
  • Changes in hearing instrument

Lifestyle Changes

Changes in your job, family life or even your living situation can put new demands on your hearing aids. Getting a new job can be stressful without having new demands on your hearing. You need to be able to listen to meetings and important phone calls. Even getting married or moving to a new location can require you to change your hearing aids. In this case, if you were originally fitted for hearing aids for a quieter lifestyle, you will need to upgrade to a more powerful set of hearing aids to help you live your best life.

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Hearing Technology Advancements

New hearing technology has revolutionized the hearing industry. Hearing aids now have the ability to have Artificial intelligence as well as Fall Alerts. Imagine just years ago when hearing aids only help you hear better, now they help you live a better, more fulfilled life. Our hearing aids are designed to work with you in order to help you in everyday situations in which hearing was difficult for you. From separating conversations from background noise to reducing fatigue allowing you to not strain to hear in conversations. New hearing technology allows you to be fully connected to the world around you. You can stream TV and phone conversations directly through your hearing aids.

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Hearing Changes

Age-related hearing loss is a degenerative condition. The older you get, the worse your hearing can get. If you are not getting the same performance from your hearing aids as when you were originally fitted, then it is time to upgrade your hearing aids. In some cases, your hearing may change so much that your hearing aids cannot accompany your hearing loss anymore. You may need to upgrade to a more powerful instrument or one with new capabilities that meet your changing needs.

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How to tell when your hearing aids need to be replaced

1. Your hearing aids are no longer reliable.

If you often deal with buzzing, feedback or your hearing aids keep cutting out on you, it could be time to upgrade to a new pair. Any glitches may be fixed with cleaning or an adjustment, but if your hearing aids frequently fail on you, call us! 

2. Your hearing has changed.

Changes in your hearing are normal and expected. You may just need a more powerful set of hearing aids in order to meet all of your hearing aids.

3. You want to control your hearing better and overall listening experience.

Hearing aid technology gets better every year. Our newest hearing aids are more comfortable, nearly invisible and have improved the already award-winning sound quality.

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