Wireless Hearing Aids

The advanced hearing aid technology today brings a lot of new options for hearing aid wearers. Almost every year there are new features on hearing aids available. Hearing the term wireless hearing aids might be confusing because you are imagining that wireless is the case with all hearing aids. It’s not like you need to remain plugged into a wall in order to use your hearing aids.

Wireless Connection in Hearing Aids

A wireless connection in hearing aids has two components. The first is the ability for a pair of hearing aids to communicate with each other. They rely on the information they gather to make changes to your settings. Your hearing aids work together as a team to maximize your hearing ability. This is especially needed when you’re in a noisy environment.

This connection also comes in handy when you change the settings on one hearing aid, the other hearing aid will change as well.

The second component of wireless hearing instruments is the ability of the hearing aid to communicate with external devices. This means you can connect to a remote control function or streaming device without plugging anything in. This way the user can access settings, listen to phone calls, and stream music from their favorite devices.

Hearing aid wearers can also connect with the TV so they can listen to a movie at a comfortable volume without changing the volume the family has the TV set at. This is a whole new hearing experience for many people.

Bluetooth-based Systems in Hearing Aids

These days Bluetooth is the standard for wireless connections. It is the way most phones and tablets connect to audio streaming for a wireless hearing aid. Until recently, Bluetooth required too much power to be used in hearing aids.

Apple has developed a protocol that lets hearing aids use Bluetooth for streaming. Other manufacturers are not far behind so this technology will soon make hearing aids compatible with many separate streaming devices. Bluetooth makes the connection process simpler.

Hearing Aid Microphones

Wireless headphones can also be connected to a remote microphone from a distance. This is helpful when you are listening to a speech from a distance or in a noisy place. Students use this technology all the time for better sound quality from their teacher.

You can give the remote microphone to a speaker at a lecture, church, business meeting, or even a friend if you’re in a restaurant with annoying background noise. You will then experience clear speech right to your hearing aids despite difficult environments.

Noise Ratio Settings

Wireless hearing aids give you increased control and audio quality with noise ratio features. Many wireless hearing aids include:

  • impulse noise reduction
  • wind noise reduction
  • digital noise reduction
  • advanced noise reduction

Flexible Hearing Experience with a Change of Environment

As your environment changes in different situations, what you need from your hearing aids change. You want to be able to understand conversation in as many different settings as possible. A wireless hearing aid makes a huge impact on your ability to hear in busier environments and when connected to a phone or TV.

This is life-changing for many people. At your Superbowl party, your guests are so loud you can’t hear anything from the game. Wireless technology allows you to connect to the TV with a comfortable listening level and you are back to loving your house guests.

Mobile phone calls in public can be a headache with a lot of repetition due to background noise. With technology to connect your hearing aids to your phone, you can get the message right to your ears clearly.

Strong Connections with Friends and Family

The more convenient control you have over your assistive listening devices, the easier it is to connect with family and friends. Difficult listening situations can be incredibly isolating.

Some people won’t even pick up the phone in public or watch TV with their friends.

Sometimes the environment changes in the middle of a conversation. You want to be able to gain control of your hearing as quickly as possible before you feel the isolating effects of stopping to mess with your hearing aids.

Digital wireless hearing gives you quicker control with the ability for the hearing aids to communicate with each other. You are able to correct the settings when background noise arrives quickly so that you aren’t missing a thing.

Increased Energy with Better Hearing Performance

One of the greatest side effects of digital wireless hearing is an increase in energy. You may not realize how much energy goes into interacting with the world when you can’t hear the best that you could.

Your mental fatigue will decrease as everyday interactions become easier. Many people experience improved memory, attention, and focus. Multitasking may have seemed like a thing of the past but with hearing aids, many people see a whole new side to themself.

These benefits give you a more positive outlook on life and with that, stronger relationships. Hearing aids give people confidence and reduce anxiety in social situations.

Professional Hearing Aid Fittings and Services

A hearing care professional can help you with a hearing aid fitting and explain the different hearing aid models. Learning about all of your options will help you to make an informed decision about what will work best for you.

At Southwestern Hearing Centers we transform lives. A hearing specialist will get to know you and what is important to you in a hearing aid. We would love to work with you to find the hearing aid options that will give you the best quality of life possible.

We know everyone is unique and has different concerns. A hearing care professional who takes the time to make you completely comfortable and confident with your hearing aids will give you the best hearing experience. Call and set up an appointment so that we can answer all of your questions and get you on track for better hearing.