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31 Locations in the Greater St. Louis Area to Serve Your Hearing Needs

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If you are 65 years old or older make sure to ask about our Senior Discount.


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It’s time to improve your life

It’s time to give your ears what they’ve been missing. Try our hearing aids for a no-cost 30-day risk-free trial. If you don’t want to keep them, it won’t cost you a thing. You have nothing to lose, and your hearing to gain. For many years, we’ve been St. Louis’ full-service hearing care provider and we’d love to help you on your hearing journey.

Next Generation Sound with amazing technology

Our hearing aids have been awarded TIMES Best Invention of 2019. The new hearing aids now feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. These hearing aids deliver superior sound quality and allow you to enjoy life more fully. Southwestern Hearing Centers offers state-of-the-art hearing aids with cutting-edge artificial intelligence with a beautiful design.

Southwestern Hearing is Active In the Community

We recognize how important it is to be active in our communities. Educating and informing our patients and their loved ones about hearing solutions that work. We want to take an active approach to keep those in need aware of their hearing health and possible hearing options. The time is now to take back your hearing.

Areas We Serve

We service a variety of St Louis Neighbours including Rock hill, Dupo, Dutchtown, East St. Louis, and Madison.

Types of Hearing Loss We Treat

There are many types of hearing loss our professional hearing services can help treat. No matter your degree of hearing loss, our audiologist professionals have an effective treatment option.

The signs of hearing loss that come with natural hearing loss can be the most difficult to spot as they typically progress slowly over time. Additional hearing loss may occur without the patient realizing it.

Most commonly, natural hearing loss is due to an age-related breakdown in hearing or congenital issues someone may be born with.

Noise-induced hearing loss is more easily identified since it usually has a more noticeable onset. This issue is created by exposure to sounds above healthy decibel levels. This exposure could be a single, intense sound, like a gunshot or explosion, or repeated exposure from a noisy workplace or loud music concert.

In some cases, this may be a treatable hearing loss. If the severity of the hearing loss is due to physical damage to the inner ear, some treatments may be offered that could help reduce symptoms.

Outside the hearing care office, patients can take steps to complement the work of our professional hearing services.

First, follow all treatment instructions for treatable hearing loss and overall ear care. Your hearing condition is a team effort.

Invest in custom hearing protection for your noisy lifestyle. If you know you will be encountering high decibel levels or you work in a loud environment, you can help to prevent hearing damage by taking proactive protection measures.

While we can provide hearing aid repairs and support, you can help by investing in hearing aid care. Make sure you understand how to keep your devices in good condition and follow maintenance directions to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape.

Our Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare Services

Each of our Southwestern Hearing locations has a hearing instrument specialist ready to develop the treatment plan best suited for you. One-stop, by our office, can improve your quality of life with a custom hearing aid technology solution.

Types of Hearing Aids We Offer

Fit the unit and battery inside the ear canal, providing advanced hearing care while providing a sleek, discreet hearing aid esthetic.

Store the device and battery behind the ear shell, with an insert into the inner ear canal.

Annual Hearing Tests

To begin your journey towards improving your hearing ability, our annual hearing tests can help to determine what degree of hearing loss you may have and how it can best be treated. Our hearing center and its professional hearing services can then move towards finding you the custom-fit hearing aids you need.

Hearing Aid Features

Traditionally, hearing aids ran on one-use, disposable ‘button’ batteries. These batteries would run for certain battery life and then need to be replaced. More recently, some hearing aids have been developed to run on a rechargeable battery. These hearing aid batteries do not need to be frequently replaced but simply set on a charging station overnight to prepare for use the next day. While a rechargeable battery does come with its share of perks, it also comes with some downsides.

Many rechargeable battery packs cannot be replaced by the user but must be taken to a professional when they have hit their life expectancy. While they don’t require frequent changing, even these batteries must be replaced every few years. 

Background noise reduction technology is becoming pretty standard in most hearing aids. The cost of a device will likely determine the quality of this feature. This feature is aimed at helping distinguish conversation from background noise. Extraneous noise, like wind, the clanging of dishes, or unwanted digital noise, is softened when sent down the ear canal, making these undesired sounds less potent to the listener.

One of the most advanced features of high-end hearing aids is Bluetooth connectivity. This extra feature allows your hearing aid to connect with your phone to make calls easily or with your television to watch showing more comfortably. This helps vastly with quality of life and the feeling of being involved in your environment.

Helping to select the correct style of hearing aid for an individual patient is a big decision. The most common reason, aside form poor sound quality, that a hearing aid gets put into a drawer and not worn is because the user feels that others can see the aids on. Totally customized “invisible” hearing aids are a wonderful solution for many individuals who suffer from hearing loss, but also want to feel the confidence of better hearing without the concern of being noticed by friends, family or colleagues. 

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