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Latest Blog Posts

  • 17 Feb

    New Facilities Now Serving Union and Independence

    Southwestern Hearing is making some office improvements to better serve patients in our Union Hearing Center and Independence Hearing Center. The Southwestern Hearing Center in Union was moved to a new facility located at 305 more
    22 Sep

    Hearing Health for Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

    When you have a loved one in a nursing home there are lots of things to worry about. You want the best quality of life for them and their ability to hear plays a major roll in that. Half of adults over 75 years old have a more
  • 26 Jun

    Hearing Aids VS. Cochlear Implants

    You’ve probably seen an emotional video of a person hearing for the first time as they have their cochlear implant turned on. These popular and heartwarming videos have become more common as cochlear implant technology becomes more
    20 Feb

    How a Hearing Aid Works

    Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices designed to amplify sounds, so people with hearing loss can hear and communicate. After many years of technical advancements hearings aids now come in a variety of shapes and sizes with an more
  • 23 Dec

    Comparing Hearing Aid Features

    In today’s world it can be hard to keep up with rapidly advancing technology. As soon as you think you’ve got the latest gadget a better one comes out two weeks later. The same can be said for hearing aid technology. more
    14 Feb

    Hearing Test Simple And Free

    A hearing test is simple, painless and totally FREE at Southwestern Hearing Centers A hearing test is an effective way to find out if your hearing is damaged, and to what degree. Many people that have hearing difficulties in more
  • 04 Apr

    Never Lose Your Hearing Aid Again

    Your hearing aids are very valuable and a vital part of your everyday life. An important part of taking care of your hearing aids is keeping track of the tiny devices. According to U.S. News and World Report the average American more
    23 Jan

    Exercise Your Ears

    Is 2015 your year to get in shape or improve your health? Regardless of what you hope to achieve this year, we’ve complied some ways you can keep one part of your body in shape without ever leaving the comfort of your recliner, more
  • 20 Dec

    Home Safety For Loved Ones With Hearing Loss

    Something that is seldom mentioned when hearing loss is discussed is how to ensure those with hearing loss are safe in their homes, especially if they live alone. As a hearing aid dispenser we can talk endlessly about new hearing more
    07 Apr

    New Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Available

    Southwestern Hearing Centers, St. Louis’ leader in hearing health care is excited to offer iSDS, a made for iPhone hearing aid engineered to be compatible with iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch. Available in April, iSDS more

What Patient's Say

  • "They changed my life. I now can carry on a conversation with my family and friends, and I can hear the environment around me. Individuals who deny getting help are missing our on a big portion of their life, because you don't realize it improves every aspect of your life."

    Danny Curtis
    St. Charles, MO

  • "By wearing a hearing aid, I feel safer moving around in society, not just from a communication standpoint. I can hear sirens in traffic, I know when to pull over and when to get out of the way! I feel safer being able to's like eyesight, it's a very critical sense you depend on."

    Michael Torrence
    St. Charles, MO

  • "It's just been wonderful, just wonderful having a hearing aid. It's really a win win. It's a win for yourself because you know what they're saying, and it's a win for your family and friends because they don't have to struggle and keep repeating things to you, so everybody's happy."

    Paulette Kapes

  • "When I got my hearing aid, I walked out the door and was on cloud nine because I could hear again. I walked out the door and I realized there where birds singing, and I had forgotten that birds sounded so beautiful. I hadn't heard it in so long....I wanted to walk back in and thank everybody, but I couldn't because I was crying so hard. I could not do it, I was on top of the world, they were and are fantastic!"

    Peggy Lukezic
    St. Peters, MO

  • "I was really impressed with how it fits in my fits nicely. Like putting my glasses on, I don't even know its there, but I know it's there, because I can hear!"

    Serafina Mesnier
    Hampton, MO